Newborn sessions…

take place in your own home. Since they are more documentary style and not posed, the timing is flexible- generally up to about 6 weeks to make sure you still have that tiny newborn feel. The session will involve your whole family, and is focused on you interacting with your baby. It’s a time for you all to get to know each other even more. I’ll help guide you into positions, but rather than sitting and posing for the camera you’ll use the time to snuggle, feed the baby, look at adorable baby toes and yawns and all the things you want to remember about your baby while they are still brand new.

For just 1-2 parents and your newborn, I can also do your session in my daybed studio setup. This will be simpler than an in home session, involving the daybed or an empty room with curtains, but can be the perfect option if you prefer something simple and would rather not use your home.

The session fee is $200, which covers the time for the session, access to my client closet, and a consult to go over your vision for your photos including location, outfits, and your final products. At your reveal and ordering session you’ll have the opportunity to view your final gallery and decide what you would like to purchase. There is no minimum purchase requirement, but most clients spend $800-1500 from my selection of wall art, albums, and prints.

Consider adding on a video to your photos too, to make an even more special memory for your family.

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How do in home photos work? Do you bring your setup to me?

Your in home sessions are focused on your whole family and not just your baby. While I might bring some outfits for you, and possibly a white blanket for your bed if you want it, that’s about it! I use available light in your house, and no flash or strobes. While I will take photos of your baby on their own, they will generally be in a crib or on your bed, maybe wrapped in a favorite blanket, and not specifically posed or using props. It is not 100% documentary, in that I will help you into specific setups and make sure we’re utilizing the light the best (I’ve even moved furniture before as long as families are ok with it!), your finished photos will look more like a peek into what your life looks like right now at home with your baby.

Looking for a different session type?

She is a master of capturing candid shots. During the shoot I was so worried that since we couldn’t keep the kids focused and still for long she wouldn’t be able to capture a good shot, Boy was I wrong. She captured the most precious moments of our little girls in their natural element and behavior. She captured their amazement, beauty, personality, and humor. The photos were like a dream , better than I could have ever imagined. These were keepsakes to last a lifetime.

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