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Hi, I'm Carissa

I am... Carissa Lyn Potterton, the photographer behind Carissa Lyn Photography.

I live in... Spencer, Massachusetts with my husband and 2 children. I grew up in New England, but have never considered living anywhere else. Being a New Englander is part of who I am. There is such a variety in the scenery- mountains, woods, fields, beaches- always a new place to explore.

I have been a photographer... well, almost forever! I had a camera as a toddler, and I loved taking photos of the things that were important to me (the flowers in my yard, my family, my cats) even before I had really gotten the hang of how to turn the film advance wheel. I love these first photos though: they remind me how far I've come, and how important preserving those memories are.

I am passionate about... telling stories. Telling YOUR story. As a parent I understand how photo sessions can be stressful- will my kids behave? Will they smile? will they pose? My mission is for you NOT to worry about any of that! I am all about capturing genuine moments. I love to let your family interact in a real way, and I capture it from the sidelines. When you relax and enjoy each other, those are when the truly special moments happen, and those are the ones that you will cherish and look back at forever.

I serve... the Central Massachusetts area, and am available to travel to Boston, Metro-West Boston, South Shore Massachusetts, Western Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Central and Eastern Connecticut.

Life is an awfully big adventure …

Photo credits (top to bottom):

Jessica Renee, Brianna Cox Photography, Ashleigh Olson Photography, Photography By Andrea

Please contact me me so we can plan a session that will perfectly suit your family!

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