About Carissa

I’m the photographer behind Carissa Lyn Photography. I am by nature a very analytical person (I am also a computer programmer) but most of my life photography has been my creative release. I’ve had a camera since I was a toddler, and was always the delegated “documenter” in my family and friends groups. This has taught me the value in learning peoples’ stories, and finding the best way to tell them through photos and video.

One of the first photos I took as a toddler, crocuses are still a favorite of mine.

Photography for me is about storytelling. I don’t want you to just show up for a session, click the shutter while you smile, and send you digital images that may just sit on a hard drive forever. Since I have had kids I’ve realized how important I find it to document them in authentic way where their true personality shines through, and to display those photos all over where they can see them- in a way that says “This is what our family looks like. You are beautiful. This is what your story has been.”

My family-
a very accurate representation of our lives!


“Carissa took “Mommy and Me” style pictures of my toddler and I in our home. Carissa quickly engaged my normally shy toddler, and she efficiently directed us through a shoot that felt fun and almost effortless. The pictures exceeded my expectations. They were honest and intimate and reflected my relationship with my little one. Carissa was extremely patent with me through the ordering process, and we will definitely hire her next time we need photos.”

Here’s some more of MY family’s story- I adore video for it’s ability to transport you right back to how life felt right then. It shows me my son starting to come into his own with physical confidence, my toddler’s little waddle walk, their love for each other.

Ready to tell YOUR family’s story?