Printed images are the heart and soul of my photography business- the reason I do what I do! There is nothing better than seeing the look on someone’s face when they see their photo on a piece of wall art, or how they light up with joy poring over a new album. If you are new to professionally printed photography products, I can’t wait to have this experience with you!

I am here to work with you on what the right products are for your family. Maybe you do one large photo in your living room every year, or maybe you prefer a collage of smaller canvases in your hallway (if you’re indecisive like me!) Or maybe you love having every photo from your session in a beautiful, sturdy album to put on your coffee table.

This guide is to show you all the options I offer and to help you have a plan in mind before we get to your ordering session. At your ordering session you’ll get to have hands on time with my samples, and we will go through your images and find the best fit between the images you love and the products you’ve chosen.

Create Your Own Collection

All the items in the price list below are available to purchase on their own. But you do have the option to create your own custom collection as well!

Choose at least 1 item from 3 or more of the categories below (Wall Art, Albums, Digital Collections, Add-Ons) and receive 25% off your entire order. It’s that simple!

Wall Art

Barnwood Framed

Fine Art Print

This is such a special way to display your photos, and sure to catch the eye of anyone who visits your home! Your image is printed on torn edge fine art paper, and placed between 2 layers of acrylic and finished with a wide barnwood frame.

Wall Art Selections

All 4 of these Wall Art options are priced the same, so you’re free to choose the style you love most- or mix and match! Be sure to talk with me about how to photograph walls in your home so we can preview wall art on them at your ordering session.

Framed Prints

Choose with or without a mat, and from a variety of frame options in different colors and styles.

Gallery Wrap Canvas

Your image is printed on canvas and wrapped around a wood stretcher frame, for a simple, timeless look.

Hanging Canvas

Your image is printed on mounted canvas, and put between maple boards and hung with twine.

Wood Circle

Your image is printed on canvas and mounted to a birchwood circle. Hang via a keyhold or use a stand.


10×10 Signature Album

These albums feel like luxury! The thick solid pages make them much safer for little hands, so you can have years of snuggling up and reliving your memories together, and a variety of linen cover options means you can match your personal style.

Includes 25 images of your choosing with matching digital downloads.

Upgrade your book by adding additional images, adding an acrylic photo to the cover and box, or opting for stunning hand-torn edge fine art pages.

8×8 Baby Book

Exclusively Available for Milestone Sessions

The story book is the perfect way to remember your baby’s first year. Informational pages add backstory to your photos with your baby’s current stats and abilities.

It holds a combination of 18-20 images and 1-3 informational pages, and comes with matching digital downloads.

6×6 Leather Tie Album

This mini album has a really special, personal feel. It’s a great way to save your absolute favorite images and treasure them. The torn edge prints on watercolor paper and leather tie make it feel a gift to yourself!

It holds 8 images and comes with matching digital downloads.

Triple Folio

Do you love the idea of an album but are afraid it won’t be displayed for everyone to see? The triple folio is a perfect way to add some of your favorite images to display either in addition to wall art or in places where you don’t have wall space available.

It holds 3 images and comes with matching digital downloads

Digital Collections





Loose Prints

These items can be added on to any wall art, album, or digital collection. Perfect to give yourself some extra prints for your desk or to give as gifts!



Family Films

Want to add something truly special to your family photos? Consider adding on a video- or even replacing your entire session with a video! Video add a real weight to your memories- they’ll put you right back in that moment and how your family felt at that time, with all the feelings that go along with it. Please note that these need to be arranged BEFORE the day of your session.

Full Family Film

A 3-4 minute family film made out of all the clips of your session. A combination of the wide shots of your family as you play or snuggle, and those close up precious detail shots of the things you don’t want to forget- how your child’s hand fits in yours or those tiny baby toes! Set to custom selected music, and includes a 7″ video player album so you can show off your video in your home.

1 Minute Mini Memory

A one minute film to add to your photo session as a way to really hold on to just how your family is right now. Perfect to add to your family session, or to a baby’s milestone session- capture those things that define this age!