Planning your maternity photos can be one of the most exciting parts of the end of your pregnancy. Let’s be real- there’s not a whole lot else to look forward to then usually, most of your planning is done, you might be uncomfortable, you’re SO CLOSE to your baby being here… but not quite. I love being able to help women really enjoy those last few weeks, give them some time to just relax and think about their baby, and feel beautiful. But there are so many choices- what should you wear? What location should you choose? What will make you feel the most special and produce images you and your child will look back at for years? One of the options I offer is to use my studio location for your maternity photos. Here are some reasons I love this option!

1. They’re simple and timeless

Photography can have lots of trends, and maternity photos are no exception. Sometimes that can be fun, but sometimes you want photos that you’ll always look back on and just remember how you felt in that moment, with no distractions. Studio portraits are done simply, with a few neutral colored backdrops to choose from to match your outfit, skin tone, and personal aesthetic.

2. You can change outfits

While you can still wear multiple outfits if you choose for an outdoor session (and I do have a popup changing tent) it does take more time and you also won’t have a mirror, so if you’re borrowing outfits from me you may want an extra trip out to my studio beforehand to try things on. And if it’s cold- changing in a car or outside in the tent are not very appealing- brrr. If you think you might want multiple outfits it helps to be in a location where you can easily change and see how various ones will look.

3. You have a winter baby

It’s winter in Massachusetts… and it’s cold! Maybe it’s the kind of cold you can be outside in just a gown for a bit, or maybe it’s windy and the real feel is -10 and that’s not so likely. Being indoors means not worrying about what the weather does, and also you can be free to wear a gown with less coverage and not have to plan around staying warm.

4. It’s less walking

You’re 30+ weeks pregnant…. and walking around an outdoor location to find the pretty spots may not be high on your list of things that are fun to do. You might even have sciatica or SPD that can make walking painful. Being in a studio can be accommodating to everyone- it’s easy to get to, and easy to sit down when you need a break.

5. Lots of different looks

It’s very easy to change up the look of your studio portraits with a new outfit, or a quick backdrop change. You can get a lot more variety in the time span that at other locations.