You may remember this family from last year, when their youngest was just a newborn. Last time I saw her she was 5 pounds- wow did she grow up! Her brothers are still smitten with her, they were competing over who could make her smile over my shoulder. The boys are so much more grown up too, and specifically asked for the great “cool guy” shot with their dad on a rock near the water. It really makes me smile looking at my calendar and recognizing the names there- I loved getting to catch up with this family!

Since Fall schedules tend to be so busy, I end up shooting into December. Some clients ask about colors that late in the year. While you may not get the intense yellow and orange of early Fall, I actually love the later colors. Spring and summer are very green- and it can require more careful planning so it isn’t overwhelming. Late Fall means rusty oranges and warm browns. It’s a neutral backdrop, but also brings a beautiful warmth!