Fall photo sessions like this are what remind me why I can never live New England. This was absolute peak leaf season, and before the sunset the trees just glow with that beautiful warm Fall light. This family’s oldest daughter had modeled for me in the past, and it was fun to get to meet her whole family this time. Their love for each other glowed right along with the trees (that’s corny I know, but true!). Their kids especially were a ton of fun- in between photos and walking to locations they were riding on each others’ shoulders, racing, and goofing off to make each other laugh- and then they’d come back and hug. So sweet!

I also got some silhouette photos at the end- my favorite! And as we were leaving, their daughter was doing cartwheels across the hill (she’s a cheerleader!) and I couldn’t resist this cool action series- probably the coolest silhouette to date!