This spot doesn’t have an easy GPS location, so I will send you the exact info on how you find it on GPS- it is in Spencer very close to my studi

Silhouette Option?:


Drone Allowed?:


Parking Details:

There is a small pull off area in front of it to park (fits 2 cars max) but it can be a puddle if it has rained recently. If this is the case there’s a small pull off area shortly down the street with more space.

This spot has some fields with tall grass, and others with various wild plants that add different colors and textures. It has beautiful golden hour backlight, and tall grass as well as other vegetation and seasonal wildflowers. This is a nice simple spot and great if you don’t want to walk far or have kids and want few distractions.

Please note: All locations vary by season and weather as far as what is in bloom, how tall the grass is, and exactly where the light will fall. If there are any specific qualities you love please make sure to let me know!