So, you’ve read the What To Wear Guide, and you’ve perused the Client Closet. Maybe what you see there isn’t quite right, and you have a general idea but you aren’t exactly sure where to find what you’re looking for. Here are so places to look for outfits- for the adults, the kids, new or used, or even rentals! If you do buy an outfit specifically for your session and don’t plan to wear it again let me know- I am always looking to add to my closet and may be able to exchange product credit to buy your outfit if it fits something I need!

For the babies & kids:

For the adults:

Maternity Gowns

On a budget, or not looking to spend too much on an outfit to wear just once? I highly recommend checking out Poshmark– I’ve seen some of the same dresses I’ve bought for my closet on there brand new with tags for much cheaper!

Or, consider renting a dress! Here are some options: