This will almost definitely not show in your GPS. Instead put in Ahearn in Spencer. Right next to Ahearn you’ll see the small pull-off area to park.

Silhouette Option?:


Drone Allowed?:


Parking Details:

Pull off area, can fit a few cars

This is the side of Sibley Farm off Rt 9. The grass on this side is usually mowed and not as tall, although some times of year (summer) it may be taller, and there are other plants and wildflowers around. It’s a great option for silhouettes!

Please note: All locations vary by season and weather as far as what is in bloom, how tall the grass is, and exactly where the light will fall. If there are any specific qualities you love please make sure to let me know!

Map location (RT 9 parking)

Parking area to look for:

Photos taken at this location: