One of the most important considerations for your maternity session is your outfit- you want to show off your bump but also make sure your outfit is flattering. Whether you bring your own or borrow on of my gowns, here are some things to remember.

Decide on your outfits.

I have a client closet with various options in different sizes of gowns made by amazing designers, and I highly recommend borrowing one! If you’d like to use your own outfits, make sure to order in time so you can try it on and exchange if needed before your photos. For studio sessions, I’ll make sure we set up a time to talk beforehand, so I can prepare the backdrops that will best match what you’re wearing. Remember if you’re including a partner or child to coordinate their outfit as well- check out my What to Wear Guide for more on that.

Check your bra!

You may not have a strapless bra that fits right now, so make sure your outfit has a top that will cover straps, or if it doesn’t, see if you can go without or pull the straps down to hide them. If you’re at all in doubt and have specific gowns of mine you’d like to wear, you can come by before your session to try them on.

Shapewear always helps

Many dresses are clingy or will show lines, having something to help smooth everything out is always recommended. Maternity underwear tends to be high waisted anyway which helps. Some dresses may be better without anything under them at all.

Take advantage of the free makeup

My sessions come with complimentary makeup done at my studio- you’re spending time choosing the perfect outfit make sure your makeup is just as special! Please note, if you do your own makeup, and plan on studio photos, please check your powder for flashback! Some powder contains ingredients that will cause it to show up bright white under flash lighting. Here’s some more information on that. Do a dry run of your makeup beforehand, and take a photo of yourself using your flash to make sure it still looks ok.

Come ready to relax

I’m putting this last because it’s important! any concerns you have I want to address beforehand- once you get to your session, I want it to be an hour where you can just relax. You have a lot of things to plan for, so this is a time to clear your mind, connect with your baby (and partner and child(ren) if they come), celebrate the amazing things your body is doing!