Mommy or daddy and me sessions are some of my favorites- it’s really special to have that one on one time with your kids and be able to document it so they can look back anytime and see how loved they are. This session was very special as the mom wanted to commemorate 2 years of breastfeeding her little girl- not an easy accomplishment! With 2 year olds, sessions usually involve lots of moving- they want to run and play and explore. I love that we were able to have some really special moments of quiet, and cuddling. They get so much more special as kids get older!

Jessica put so much thought into her family’s outfits as well- and it really shows! Her daughter’s flower crown is from Ava’s Flower Crowns (and is from my client closet!) and her adorable shoes are from Monkey Feet USA. Those little touches can add so much to already special images. Her gorgeous bucklebu is made by DragonBu from a Natibaby foxes wrap- isn’t it beautiful?

We also took some photos with her older 2 children. I love the unposed moments where they are just enjoying each other- cuddling and tickling and kissing. I know these are special memories that they’ll cherish!