Welcome Spring! This was the first outdoor session of the season and was- literally- a breath of fresh air! We were back at my favorite location in Southborough and I even found a few new beautiful spots there I hadn’t tried before.

This family of 4 was so sweet, and a lot of fun! Their 2 kids, Bryan and Sienna were adorable together- whenever one of them wasn’t in the photo they would be dancing around and making faces to get each other to smile. Bryan is a huge Ironman fan, and we had fun putting his Ironman figure in fun spots and making him fly to see Bryan smile! Sienna loves horses, and she told me about the first horse she rode, and everything about him (as a horse lover myself I was more than happy to hear about it!)

Also, the Laws were my first family to specifically request silhouette shots- and that just made my heart so happy! This spot is great for silhouettes, and we got some really amazing shots (please appreciate how many tried it took both parents lifting 3 and 5 year old kids together to get that coordinated shot- a good arm workout!)

I can’t wait to see what the res of 2016 brings!