I’ve been doing newborn sessions in families’ homes for years, and that has gotten pretty common (which I love!) The relaxed, intimate, comfortable feeling of it is something I find really brings out the best and most authentic photos of that time. I have done some in home motherhood photos recently too, and I was really wanting to do more in home maternity sessions as well (I’ve done one in the past). So when this family reached out to me you can imagine how excited I was! They wanted that exact feeling that I love so much, and because they also have a black & white photo gallery wall, they also wanted their whole session in black and white! I think that gives it even one more layer of really bringing in the simplicity and the focus on connection.

These sessions are great with kids because they’re already in a place they feel comfortable. Now, kids will be kids and they’ll still do what they want (like toddlers not wanting to wear pants, really who can blame them??), let’s not pretend that’s not reality! But with a really casual session like this it’s much easier to follow their lead and let them come and go with less pressure. This little girl for example, towards the end was pretty much done and having a snack- totally normal- but as we wrapped up she came from across the house and announced they *must* have a family hug, which is what you see in those last photos. What a special moment! And every time they look at those they’ll remember that.

I always tell my families at maternity sessions that this is a little time set aside just for them, nothing to worry or think about when there are always a million thoughts and plans swirling right before a baby comes- this time is set aside to just remember how they are now. That’s even more true when you’re at home, it’s not just what your family looks like now, it’s how your home, your life looks now. At the ordering session this mom said the photos “feel like home” and I LOVE that, that’s better than any way I could sum it up!

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