Choosing a location is an important part of creating to overall feel of your session.

First of all- are you looking to have photos done right in your home? I do love this option especially for younger children, since they’re typically more relaxed that way, and you can really see their personality shine. Are you thinking of coming to my studio? This is an option for any session with 1 adult and up to 2 kids. Studio portraits can create a simple but potentially dramatic look, and give more control over the aesthetic you’re looking for. It’s also my preferred option for baby milestone sessions since there are fewer distractions and makes it easier to shoot at any time of day.

If you want to be outside, what type of environment are you looking for? In the woods with dynamic light and lots of depth, open fields where your kids can run and you get gorgeous backlight, or maybe even in the water? Take a look at some options below to give you some ideas and then we can talk specifics! If you’re looking for a silhouette photo make sure to tell me that too, as it isn’t possible at every location.