It’s time for me to show off my baby again! These are his once again slightly delayed birthday photos, so we could take them outside. We wanted to just have a fun session where he could play and I could capture that, so we brought lots of fun things! Bubbles, hats, 2 different lollipops, plus there are sheep on the location, can’t beat that!

After my horrible experience with balloons last year I should’ve learned my lesson. Instead I thought I’d solve the problem by buying a helium tank and blowing balloons up on site. Except… they didn’t float at all! You can see the one picture where Adam is clearly judging my balloon skills. Oh well.

I’m in love with his 2 shirt also- you can see all the number and letter shirts (in color now too!) on LookieLooLoo’s site, a small shop run by an awesome mama. 🙂

So enjoy some photos of a 2 year old just enjoying being 2 and doing some of his favorite things!