1. Happy kids!

Fall weather in New England is unpredictable. I’ve had some awfully cold sessions as early as September! Even if you layer sweaters on your children, little hands and faces tend to get cold. And when kids are cold and cranky it’s no fun for anyone! Summer sessions means comfortable kids, and more happiness to go around!

2. Wear what you want

Cooler weather means layering clothes. If you have a beautiful dress- you probably need to pair it with a sweater. Kids may need to wear coats, which may mean buying new coats to look nice for your photos. Warm weather gives you so many more options! You can put your girls in dresses (and pssst I have a bunch available for clients to borrow!), show off jewelry, wear fun shoes (with no worries of early snow!), and rompers are a great option for little boys!

3. Light

Ah, that delicious golden hour light- my obsession! While you can find pretty light anytime, there’s a special warmth to it in the summer months. The grass is more yellow, the tress are green but not as bright green as Spring, and everything is warm and glowing.


4. Weekdays

A huge benefit! The best time of day for photos is about an hour before sunset. In the Fall, that can mean sessions as early as 3 PM, which can be difficult for a lot of families on weekdays- and there are only a few weekends! In the summer, sessions are usually around 6 or 7 PM, which usually means after work hours. This gives us a lot more options to find the day that works best for you.

5. Be prepared!

So I may be guilty of this myself- realizing I want to send holiday cards, but it’s Fall, and we don’t have any recent photos! That means hoping someone can squeeze us in, ordering cards with limited options because they need to come quickly, and being rushed to finish them and send them out. If you get your photos done early you’ll have plenty of time for those holiday cards and gifts.

So there you have it! Plenty of reasons to schedule your family photos for the summer season starting today. Let’s talk about setting up the perfect session for your family!